John Fleming Gould
(1906 – 1996)

John F. Gould  had a long career in art, both as an artist and art instructor.   He was a well-known lecturer on art, particularly oriental art.  In 1957 John and Mary Gould established the Bethlehem Art Gallery in Cornwall NY.  The art work of John Gould is now available at Legacy Art of John F. Gould.   John was born in Worcester, MA, studied art and graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and later instructed at Pratt for 22 years.  He was a prominent illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post for more than 8 years and for many national corporations.

In the world of fine arts, John Gould was a successful painter.  His oil, acrylics, water colors, and pen and ink originals are in many private collections.   For subject matter, he was partial to historical subjects, especially in the Hudson River Valley from the Statue of Liberty to Albany, NY.

For over 20 years, Mr. Gould was an art consultant/illustrator for General Electric Company in Schenectady, NY and the Erie, PA Locomotive Division.   His paintings of railroad subjects can be seen in executive offices of railroads world-wide.

In 2019, Loretta and Robert Gould were successful in archiving some of the major works of artist Gould at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, and the New York State Museum, Albany, NY.  The collections include early pulp illustrations, General Electric School and College posters, original Hudson Valley paintings, pen and ink illustrations and over 250 transparency images of historic New York.   In the future, the public will be able to enjoy the work of this artist through exhibition and research.